Masinahikana Online School ( is officially registered with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education in partnership with Northern Lights School Division and Northlands College.

The initiative was part of the “Headwaters Smart Communities Project established by Keewatin Career Development Corporation in 2001. The name is connected to the original Masinahikana School established by Northern Lights School Division to provide learning service to remote students. Through this initiative, northern residents have an opportunity to continue their education where other avenues have been unavailable or unable to meet individual needs. Many applicants are young adults who have young children and are staying at home. Others have been working and following other pursuits. This online format offers students the flexibility to plan their own personal program and schedule. Many students have access to support in their home communities and all students are able to contact teachers for additional live online support through web conference sessions.

Students are accepted on a continuous enrollment basis from August to March 30 each school year. The students choose their courses and work on a personal development plan for areas such as study skills and career goals. Enrolled students participate in courses of study based on curriculum guidelines set by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Saskatchewan.