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Celebration of Learning

Each year the Edcentre.ca staff honours the accomplishments of our students at our annual celebration of learning event.  It takes dedication and hard work to succeed with online studies and the staff here at the Edcentre is very proud of the work our students have done. The celebration is scheduled for June 17th at 2:00 […]


Collaboration, communication, cooperation and interaction are just some of the words that can be used to describe distance education. If you had to sum up your experience with online learning in a single word, what would that word be? The word I chose to describe online distance education is flexible. The Edcentre offers flexible online […]

Sprint to the Finish

It is that time of year again….. the end of the year is right around the corner! Did you know that there are 68 days left until the end of May? To help finish your course before the end of May you should: Find time each day to work on assignments. An hour or two put […]

Time Management

Why are time management skills so important for online students? While working online it is important to stay focused on your course work. Each Edcentre course represents approximately 100 hours of student work and completing the course will require that you dedicate the appropriate amount of time to complete your class. Here are few strategies […]