The Online School course offerings are designed to offer any Northern Saskatchewan School Age or Adult student the ability to obtain their Grade 10, 11, and 12.

English A 10 – This course follows two main themes: 1. Heroes  2. Adventure

English B 10 – This is an issues based course that explores pressures, racism, equality and perceptions.

Native Studies 10 – The aim of Native Studies 10 is to help students develop their knowledge, positive attitudes and cultural understanding about First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.

Science 10 – This is a general science course which introduces learners to biology, chemistry, and physics. Science 10 is a core grade 10 course, you need this credit to complete your grade 10.

Foundations & Pre-Calculus Math 10 – This is one of two math courses at the Grade 10 level. Foundations and Pre-calculus Mathematics is the math class you need if you would like to continue in either Foundation Mathematics 20 or Pre-calculus 20 pathway. Topics covered include measurement, trigonometric ratios, polynomials, roots, powers, relations, linear functions and systems of linear equations.

Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 10 – This is one of two math courses at the Grade 10 level. Workplace and Apprenticeship Math, often called Trades Math, explores math concepts geared towards the trades and workplace. Consumer math and trades geometry make up most of the course content.

Communication Media 10 – The purpose of Communication Media is to provide experiences for students to inquire while developing understanding, skills, and abilities in audio, video, and interactive media production to communicate effectively.