It’s the Journey that Counts

This is a busy time of year for schools. In the rush to “get to the end of an assignment, a unit or a course” we often forget that the whole process is all about the learning. If we are simply going through the motions, doing something to meet requirements, how are we changing the world? How are we changing our own worlds? It is important to remember that we are all in charge of our own learning just as we are in charge of who we are. Finding meaning and value in what we do every day is a big part of what makes us want to do things.

Sometimes it is difficult to connect our dreams to a learning activity at school, but if we look for connections to our own experience there is often an open door to a world of different paths. We are always looking for ways to connect to new ideas. When we find a new puzzle or a new problem, we look at it sideways, upside down, top down, bottom up, and we try out different ideas.  The path isn’t always step one, step two and step three, and the solution isn’t necessarily always the same. The best learning adventures are the ones that raise more questions and take us in different directions. Learning in our personal lives is never finished and our paths in learning are not always straight. I hope for all of us that completing learning activities and courses are not endings but part of a life long journey of meaningful discovery.
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