K-9 Questions and Answers: 

Q: What quality of learning can parents expect with an online learning option?
A: Our certified teachers are experienced classroom teachers who have skill sets that compliment a distance learning environment. Engaging learners via distance is often a challenge, but consistent daily schedules, organized home spaces to limit distractions will help to ensure a successful learning experience. Learning activities and instruction are based on the same Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes that classroom teachers are using. 

Q: What about setting up schedules at home and long range timelines
A: Home schedules for completing online activities and switching subjects can be somewhat flexible to fit home routines, although there will be some scheduled group sessions that students will be expected to attend. Timelines for completing each unit of study are outlined at the beginning of each subject area. 

Q: What if we don’t have access to the Internet?
A: This would limit the ability to engage at a distance. Telephone and paper-based materials with parental guidance would likely be one of the options. Another option might be to connect with another family with Internet access and make arrangements to form a small “bubble” of learners.  

Q: Would a tablet work for distance learning?
A: A tablet could be used for accessing the learning portal. Video, streaming, viewing material, and chatting with the teacher can be done with a tablet or even a phone. For activities that require writing, a computer keyboard would be an advantage. 

Q: How will a teacher decide if a student has mastered a learning outcome?
A: Assessment will be like the classroom experience. Depending on the outcome, It might be a presentation, it might be a chart, it might be an illustration, it might be an interview posted to YouTube, it might be something written by the student, it might be a quiz response, or an observation of behavior. 

Q: What if we are unable to print out the paper resources from the online learning platform?
A: Local schools will assist with paper-based materials when necessary. 

Q: Where do we register?
A: For current NLSD students, Parents will work through their local school. If an online option is considered best for the student and family the school will work to connect with the edcentre.  For students new to NLSD, registration can take place through NLSD student information services. 

Q: What if our situation changes and we would like to switch to classroom learning?
A: There will be a 30-day transition time after a request to shift from online to classroom or vice versa. 

Q: What are the fees for K-9?
A: There are no fees.