Interested in an online option for Kindergarten to grade 9?  

Learning at home and communicating with a teacher via distance is not for everyone, but if your family would like to explore this option, we will do our best to support the learning needs of your child.  

How does it work?

Content is available through the online school learning platform. This includes video, images, and paper-based activities. Learning will be a blend of independent paper/online based work that students complete independently and synchronous video lessons. Microsoft Teams will be used as the video conferencing platform for students. There are many opportunities for direct communication with teachers through video, voice, and screen sharing options.  Mathematics and English Language Arts classes are major focus areas for our online students. Other subjects are also available in this program. 

Parents and caregivers are expected to communicate with online teachers to facilitate access and assist with the online experience and home-based learning activities. Teachers help students set goals and are available to answer questions. Small group sessions are conducted online at different times scheduled by the online teacher.

Activity results and learning projects are shared with the teacher through the online learning platform.
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Parents-Please note: when selecting either face-to-face or online schooling for your child please consider committing to one mode or the other. We will do our best to accommodate transfers between schools in the Northern Lights School Division; however, we would ask that if you are considering transferring your child to online learning that you do it at the end of your base school’s reporting period or the start of a semester. If you would like to transfer outside of these times please contact the online school for arrangements.  There may be up to a 30 day waiting period for students deciding to switch from online to in school or vice versa after school start-up or during a reporting term. 


A. Current Northern Lights School Division students in either elementary (K-6) or middle years (gr 7-9) 

Parents, if your child currently attends a Northern Lights School Division school you may register your child for online schooling in one of two ways:

1. Send an email to edcentre with the subject: Online School Registration – student name.  Example: Online School Registration – Joe Smith

In your email please note the following information: 

a. Name of the school your child most recently attended

b. Full name of your child (first, middle and last)

c. Your child’s date of birth

d. The grade level most recently completed by your child

2. Alternatively, parents you may also register your child for online schooling in grades k-9 by speaking with your local school. Your local Northern Lights School Division school will pass on the necessary information to the online school.


*PARENTS WILL BE CONTACTED BY THE ONLINE SCHOOL AFTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED FROM LOCAL SCHOOLS. The online school will send you a form to update your information so we have the best contact information for your family. Once your registration has been processed you will receive login information and instructions for your child to begin their online class. 
*Please note: it takes time to setup virtual accounts for your child. It may take up to three school days to get all the necessary pieces in place for your child to start participating. *

Please note: If you have not been contacted by phone yet please email the respective teacher(s) below to receive log-in information.

                     K to 4:
                     Gr 5-9:

                    Cree Instruction:

B. Students new to the NLSD region   (**The K-9 online option is only available to families residing within the NLSD113 region)
Students who have never attended an NLSD School need to complete an information package as a family and send it to Student Information Services.
    1.Download the Registration pages (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)
     3. Send the completed form via email to
     Please note that it may take 5-8 days to process registrations and set up access to the program. 


                                                                                 K-9 PARENT STUDENT HANDBOOK (CLICK HERE)

Do you have questions about the registration process for Kindergarten to Grade 9?   Please email us at or Call 1-888-299-5680