The vision of (Masinahikana Online School) is to provide flexible distance learning opportunities that lead to high school completion for Northern Saskatchewan residents.
Masinahikana Online School will:
  • Assist individuals in reaching their personal potential through flexible distance learning alternatives that that respect personal lifestyle, language and culture.
  • Provide access to distance learning opportunities for completion of high school that would otherwise not exist.
Our Goals:
  • Facilitate the development of individual capacity as lifelong independent learners.
  • Design learning experiences and resources that promote constructed learning.
Build effective distance learning communities:
  • Bring learners together through electronic forums on a regular basis to interact through synchronous ICT tools.
  • Establish a sense of identity with the online learning community through sharing of ideas and information in small and large group electronic classroom environments.
  • Bring learners together through face-to-face interactive events that facilitate a connection with the learning community and a common purpose.
Respect personal lifestyle, culture, language:
  • Accommodate personal schedules through an asynchronous delivery of learning modules.
  • Reflect the following in planning and interaction with students.
  • Personal reflection and review of learning plans provides continued awareness of growth and personal direction.
  • Life long learning must begin with the individual, therefore developing capacity as independent learners is essential.
  • Articulation of personal goals and awareness of needs must be the foundation of personal learning plans.
  • Recognize that learning and meaning are constructed through experience and interpretation of the world based on personal experience.
  • Knowledge and understanding of common assessment practices offers a tactical advantage in making a transition to other institutions.
  • Inquiry is a critical element of a Constructivist learning model, and should be an integral part of instructional design.