Time Management

Why are time management skills so important for online students?

While working online it is important to stay focused on your course work. Each Edcentre course represents approximately 100 hours of student work and completing the course will require that you dedicate the appropriate amount of time to complete your class. Here are few strategies that you can use to maximize your time when studying online:

  • Make a study schedule. Try to choose a time each day that you can set aside for doing your online course.
  • Give yourself completion goals. Set a point you want to be in your course by a certain date and work towards that goal.
  • Choose your work area wisely. If you can work in a quiet place this will help you focus on your course work.
  • Check your email and messages daily and communicate with your instructor regularly. Don’t push things off when you have questions. Often asking a quick question can lead to less confusion later on.

Finally, remember that the entire Edcentre.ca team is here to help you succeed. Please contact us if you need anything! Until next time, keep on logging on, and learning.